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Petr Krovina

From the Czech Republic, Petr Krovina, a student of economics joins Jillian. They talk travel, education, and politics.

Lucien Zell

Lucien Zell is a 21st-century troubadour and lover of BREAKING chains. He recently visited Liberland, home of the EOS Decentralised Antonymous Government (DAG), and explains why to...

Pete Wood reveals his past: He was arrested for his Bitcoin involvement. He's now a Crypto-expert with his company CoinBurp.

Justin Roberti discusses his new report on what leaders on blockchain are thinking *right now*.

Pilot, Disney-man, eBay exec, importer of the Bitcoin Teller Machines. and more. Now he's working on the technology for merchants to accept crypto payments.

Steve Grasso has worked on the New York Stock Exchange and on behalf of some of the largest funds in the world. He is one of the leading gurus in the financial sector, enjoying bro...

Jillian talks with Jason Burwood, who invented a cryptocurrency board game. He and Jillian play chicken-and-egg with crypto and blockchain. Which came first? 

Luke Brenland is Head of Vibe Ambassadors and Community Manager for, a community that shares information, content and articles while earning 1Up tokens. New members ar...

Anne Connelly, a faculty member at Singularity University, simplifies the description of blockchain in her conversation with Jillian.

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