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Jillian talks with Jonathan DeCarteret from INDX-- he's a cryptoinvestor and believer in the future of the supernode.

Luke Stokes comes back

Welcome back, Luke Stokes! He's a serial entrepreneur and an EOS advocate. 

Today, Jillian interviews Marc Taverner, who talks about how the dotcom entrepreneurs failed us and how blockchain technology can really make a difference in our world. He also spe...

This week, Jillian catches up with another podcaster, Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto podcast.

Jaan Van De Ven, entrepreneur and Direct Democracy Ireland candidate for Ireland South in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections talks to Jillian about the start of the internet...

Adam Dorfman comes back!

Adam Dorfman, now of Talent Access Portal, will help us all get jobs! Welcome back, Adam!

Today, Jillian meets Steve Good, a former Fintech exec who now hosts a very popular crypto chat group.

In this week's episode, Jillian interviews artist, economist, and co-founder of SHEOS Jess Houlgrave.

IWAD CEO Raman Bindlish

In this episode of the Ignition Podcast, Jillian interviews the well-known EOS community leader Raman Bindlish about his background and how he came to love EOS so much.

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