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On Yavin explains the biggest problem with the crypto-industry--a familiar one for all of us. Scammers! With Jillian, they discuss the way that scammers have been rewarded in the b...

Our own Jillian Godsil shares her story with Vikrant Mansera, Content Strategist, CoinDCX. She explains how a personal hardship brought her to new insights about finance, journalis...

Rossco Paddison talks with Jililan about the barriers that keep people from using crypto: user accessibility. Rossco has an easier way! He also describes the relevence of DeF!

John McAfee has a new DEX

John and Jillian discuss his new DEX and they recite some poetry! They also blow up some crypto-related conspiracy theories.

Wrestling, boy scouts, and more bring Jillian and Joey to bond over blockchain and other things.

Jillian speaks with Adam J. Carswell about Newfoundland, minimalism, and the colour of his hair.

Erin Grover

Former U.N. worker and storyteller Erin Grover has made the connection to blockchain, foreseeing the possibilities that blockchain can bring to places like Afghanistan, Nepal, or I...

Petr Krovina

From the Czech Republic, Petr Krovina, a student of economics joins Jillian. They talk travel, education, and politics.

Lucien Zell

Lucien Zell is a 21st-century troubadour and lover of BREAKING chains. He recently visited Liberland, home of the EOS Decentralised Antonymous Government (DAG), and explains why to...

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