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IWAD CEO Raman Bindlish

In this episode of the Ignition Podcast, Jillian interviews the well-known EOS community leader Raman Bindlish about his background and how he came to love EOS so much.

This week, Jillian meets James McKenzie, the chair of Tokenoro.

Jillian interviews Morgan Pierce, blockchain educator and renaissance woman.

Jillian talks with Rhett Oudkerk about the background of the F-word, among other things.

Meet Roman Skaskiw

Jillian interviews Roman Skaskiw, the innovator behind CryptoLions and one of the founders of EuropeChain.

Jan Smit from DutchEOS

We are back from our break! Listen as Jillian talks to Jan Smit, a one-time physicist who is here to outline the new compliant blockchain, EuropeChain.

In this episode, Jillian interviews Erica Stanford from The Crypto Curry Club about her passions and visions on blockchain, EOS, and other things.

We bring you the second part of Jillian's interview with David Margulies, a self-described gadfly of blockchain. He reflects on his opinions on blockchain, EOS, and other things. I...

Another exciting episode from Ignition; Jillian interviews Elissa Shevinsky, CEO of Sohotokenlabs

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